Russian Rap Battle Between Oxxxymiron & ST Does Record-Breaking Numbers On YouTube

URL’s “Summer Madness 2” is considered by many fans as the best battle rap event of all time. The 2012 event pitted several returning legends against some of the biggest names of the time. It packed Webster Hall in New York, and drew celebrities like Puff Daddy, Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip to watch the battles unfold.

The diamond that dropped from that card was Calicoe vs. Loaded Lux, a dramatic, intense, roller coaster of a battle. When the footage was released, it made huge noise in the battle rap community, but also transcended it, breaking into the stratosphere of wider pop culture. Since its release in September 2012, the battle has done about 4.6 million views on YouTube, and is counted among the most-viewed clashes ever.
A battle that came out of Russia this month surpassed those numbers in about 48 hours.
The battle, between Oxxxymiron and ST from VersusBattleRU, did just under three million views the day it dropped. It did two million more in the 24 hours after that. It’s now nearing nine million views total since its June 19 release. Those kinds of numbers have never been seen in battle rap.