Miron Fyodorov, better known by his stage name Oxxxymiron or Oxxxy, was born to a physicist and a librarian in 1985 in Leningrad, USSR. Following his father's ever-changing work positions, the family moved to Germany in 1994 and then to the UK in 2000.

Oxxxy graduated from Oxford University with a B.A. in English Language and Literature, having focused on the Middle Ages. During his Oxford years he was diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder, expelled and re-admitted to the university. Before achieving success in the music industry, Oxxxy earned his living with a medley of full- and part-time jobs including those of a private tutor, warehouse worker, office clerk, translator, shop-assistant, tour guide, compere, guardian and ghostwriter. He is divorced.

Oxxxy has been making hip-hop with varying degrees of consistency since the late 90s. In 2008 he began to publish his tracks online and achieved considerable renown in the Russian-speaking hip-hop scene due to his participation in the largest Russian online rap battle. In 2011, while living in Canning Town, East London, Oxxxy released his controversial debut album "Vechnyj Jid" ("The Eternal Jew") which appealed to listeners far beyond the hip-hop scene. Since then, two mixtapes, "miXXXtape I" and "miXXXtape II: Dolgiy Put' Domoy" ("The Long Way Home") have been released.

Oxxxymiron has been massivley dominating the Russian urban scene since 2015. He broke the world record for rap battles with 1 million views on YouTube within the first 24 hours and released his second studio album Gorgorod, the most anticipated Russian urban album of 2015, which charted as top album for next years to come and received a flood of reviews and publications across the media spectrum. His shows are sold out months in advance.

Oxxxy has collaborated with numerous Western artists including Madchild of the legendary Canadian duo Swollen Members and the German hardcore rappers Automatikk. He is also widely regarded as the first artist to have successfully adapted and popularised UK grime music in Russia.

Since 2012 Oxxxy has been touring extensively, having teamed up with the concert agency Booking Machine which specializes in alternative urban music including. He is a top MC of the Russian rap battle league VERSUS with battle record of 4 to 1 in his favor.

Oxxxy currently lives in Saint Petersburg and London.